Artist / Mother Crit Group


Name:Megan Driving Hawk
Location and time zone:Phoenix, Arizona (AZ Time Zone)

Please answer the following questions in short paragraph form, so your mentor and fellow critters can get to know you better. Answer directly below the question. Use another font color so it is easy to see your answers.

1. Share a bit about your motherhood journey… how many kids do you have? What are their current ages? How do they affect your art practice?

I just had my first baby, James Patrick, a little over 2 months ago. He is my inspiration. Since his birth I’ve had a surge of creative ideas.My artwork has always been about my family and for the three or so years leading up to his birth my artwork has been ceremony to ask for children.

2. When did art come into your life?

Art has been in my life since I can remember. As young as elementary school I remember writing poetry at my desk in my room. I would then either fold them up until I couldn’t fold the paper anymore or write them in my diary.

3. What does your art practice look like now?

I’m always thinking about art as I am a high school traditional photography teacher. I describe myself as an artist & educator because I see myself as an artist who teaches and a teacher whose an artist. I am an artist in every part of my day whether I’m in the classroom teaching, in the nursery nursing, or in the studio creating. My practice is everyday. I pull inspiration for all aspects of my life.

4. What materials and mediums do you primarily use in your work?

I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist. I mostly use photography, fibers, beads, and poetry right now.

5. What ideas are you addressing in your work?

I am currently addressing motherhood as ceremony.

6. How do you feel when you make art? How do you feel when you talk about your work and share it with the world?

Well, today was a frustrating art making day but I think that’s because I was trying to force something. Most of the time I feel calm and peaceful while making art and I am less anxious and stressed afterwards.

I am learning to be confident in my voice. Sometimes I am hesitant to share but I am growing.

7. Do you have a vision for where you would like your work to exist in the world? (in collectors homes, in a high end NY gallery, in academic galleries, in a trendy shop, I only care about making it, etc) 

It depends on what part of my work we are talking about. My textile/beadwork is meant for my family and functions here at home. I hope for my poetry and photography are to make their way into people’s homes.

8. Do you have any previous experience with peers or mentors receiving critical feedback on your work? Please explain:

Yes. I have an undergrad and graduate degree in studio art. I have also participated in various crit groups and meetups with creatives in my community. This is my first online crit group!

9. What are some past successes you’ve experienced in your art career? 

Being accepted to grad school was pretty exciting.

I’ve been a community artist and artist intern during graduate school and got to experiment with what KIND of artist I enjoy being the most….one who practices alone in my studio or calls on the participation of others to collaborate.

I am currently an artist of the Twirl Project. It’s a project that interviews a cohort of artists across the world every year for ten years. We are currently on year one.

I have been asked to join a local collective in Phoenix starting this June.

Teaching! I teach high school traditional photography to 9-12th graders and it’s fun, frustrating, and rewarding. I love seeing them dive deep into concepts that are personal. AND feel comfortable enough to open up about it in the environment I created.

Most of all, I had a baby. This means all the work I made to call our future generations earth side takes on a role I had hoped.

I consider all of these successful because I get/got to learn who I am through them and share my work with others.

10. What are some dreams you have for your art career?

My dream is for people to see my art and either feel less alone or learn about a part of life they haven’t or can’t personally experience

11. Have you broken any of those dreams down into tangible goals? Why or why not?

In my head, yes.

On paper, no.

I’m just starting to elaborate on my project organization and goal setting practice.

“I explored this new place with a baby on my breast instead of a camera in my hand.”

2.28.20. I brought three film cameras and didn’t take a single photo on film. Instead I breastfed my baby. I explored this new place with a baby on my breast instead of a camera in my hand. To my fellow creatives and others that may seem like having a baby is a hinderance to my creativity but it has been just the opposite. Standing there on that rock continuing to nourish this little human being that I grew in my body was incredibly powerful and inspiring. I had the opportunity to stand there and BE present. I was present with my family, my baby, myself, and the land. I was able to turn inward, to check in with myself and take a moment to observe my maternal bonding with Little Fox. I plan for this to be the first of many adventures where we teach Little Fox the importance of BE-ing (and respecting) The Outside for reflection, adventure, and learning. I have many childhood and youth memories of slower paced, quality family time outside. This is what the generations before me have gifted and is what I will pass to the future generations after me.

***These photos were made on Yavapai Apache, Yavapai, and Hohokam land in what is now known as Watson Lake in Prescott, Arizona. Land information gathered from Native Land App.

Photo Cred: my mom
Photo Cred: my mom

ARIM : Artist Residency In Motherhood

I’ve had a surge of creativity since he was born. So many ideas swirling around in my mind. I’ve decided to let some go. Just the ones that started to feel overwhelming and weren’t letting me enjoy this precious time with him. I’ve kept the ones that allow me to observe him and myself through this time. That’s why I will be participating in a self-directed, open-source artist residency. It is a residency to “empower and inspire artists who are also mothers.” It is the “reframing of parenthood as a valuable site for creative practice, rather than an obstruction to be overcome.” You can find out more or register a residency by visiting #artistresidencyinmotherhood or

Follow my journey….1) works in progress and finished works on my website, click on the tab “Artist Residency in Motherhood” 2) musings and reflections on my blog in the category “Artist Residency in Motherhood” 3) progress documentation on Instagram with #artistresidencyinmotherhood .
👆🏼 This is how I think I’m going to proceed. Sometimes I get caught up in the structure of how I’m going to execute an idea that I let it get in the way of actually executing that idea. For example, I’ve been writing this post for two and a half weeks. (Maybe my newborn has something to do with that??????🤷🏼‍♀️) Can’t let that happen here so work with me in the unknown. 💫