Begging Poetics

Begging Poetics started when I was a young girl as I sat at my desk underneath the bedroom window alone in my room. My desk was organized with various pens and pencils I was gifted or lifted; various pieces of paper that I was gifted or lifted; and various rocks, sticks, plants, and bugs that I collected from outside. At this desk I would sit and write poetic musings that I would then hide away.

Begging Poetics continued into my youth and undergraduate years even after that room, window, and desk were gone. These poems slowly shifted from being hidden to being shared on this blog.

Begging Poetics became an individual performative commission from my first residency as a Nomad9 MFA Candidate. I created and copied my favorite poems onto paper, folded them into envelopes, put together a mail carrier uniform, and walked safely around the city of Hartford, Connecticut to give my free poems directly to people I encountered.

Would you like a poem?
1: Handwritten poem (pay-what-you-can)
2: Embroidered poem ($100)

contact: megandrivinghawkATgmailDOTcom

Coming soon- photographs of the poems in their new homes